Religious Life Screening

« Back to All Outpatient ServicesThe Outpatient Department of the Saint John Vianney Center provides assessments for individuals seeking entrance into a formational program of a religious community of men or women. Important for this process is an understanding of the charism of the community and specific issues unique to that setting; for example, apostolic vs. monastic, strong lines of authority vs. open lines of authority, etc.

The purpose of the screening and formational psychological evaluation for religious life applicants is to determine the individual's psychological stability, strengths and weaknesses, and suitability for acceptance. The screening will look for any significant psychopathology, personality disorders, addictions, or any significant issues that may interfere with the individual's ability to successfully engage in the formational process. It will also identify psychological and emotional strengths and weaknesses that can be used to guide the formational program.

To learn more about this screening, email or call 610.518.2048.