Addictions Treatment Program

« Back to Clinical Services The Saint John Vianney Center Co-Occurring Treatment Program provides comprehensive treatment for Clergy and Religious with both primary behavioral health problems and addictive disease problems such as alcoholism, drug dependency, pornography and other addictions along with restoration of spiritual wellness. A professionally supervised, medical detoxification is provided for individuals physically dependent on alcohol or other drugs.

This program provides an individualized patient-centered treatment model and is based on a twelve-step philosophy. Individuals are assigned an inter-disciplinary team of addiction certified psychiatrists, psychologists, addiction counselors, social workers, primary therapists, spiritual care advisors, nurses and adjunctive therapists. Staff of the Co-Occurring Unit are trained in co-occurring disorders through ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine).

Aftercare is provided for twelve months following discharge from the program.

To learn more about our addictions treatment program, call 888.993.8885.