Internationally renowned, the Saint John Vianney Center is the premier facility for behavioral health and addictive disease treatment. We integrate Catholic principles with evidence-based best practices in psychiatry, psychology, spirituality and nursing services. The Saint John Vianney Center promotes physical, behavioral, emotional and spiritual wellness, healing, recovery and reconciliation.

Who We Serve
The Saint John Vianney Center serves Catholic Clergy, Consecrated Men and Women Religious, and Clergy of major Christian denominations worldwide.

Our Services include:

Our Approach
We believe each person is unique with personal and spiritual gifts, and rights to self-direction and personal responsibility. The needs of each individual we treat are addressed by our inter-disciplinary treatment team of psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, spiritual care advisors, continuing care coordinators, nurses and our chaplain. Our treatment always reflects the words of Pope John Paul II in Pastores Dabo Vobis as we integrate the four pillars of human formation. β€œIts aim must be that of promoting a general and integral process of constant growth, deepening each of the aspects of formation – human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral – as well as ensuring their active and harmonious integration, based on pastoral charity and in reference to it.” Our goal is for each individual to function at their highest level, to leave ready for re-entry into life and for appropriate ministry.

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